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Entrust your health our doctors

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Entrust your health our doctors

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Entrust your health our doctors

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Entrust your health our doctors

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Al Kaakia District Branch

Ibrahim Al Khalil Rd, Al Kakiyyah, Makkah

Ummal Jood Dist. Branch

4118 Old Makkah Jeddah Rd, As Salamah, Makkah

Accident & Emergency

The emergency department is a front line venue for the delivery of emergency, trauma and critical medical care. The Department’s facilities are specialized in the delivery of acute care to the patients presented without prior appointment seeking Emergency or critical care(life saving services) such as Road traffic accidents, Severe hypertension, Diabetic ketoacidosis, Myocardial infarction, Emergency normal vaginal deliveries, sunstroke, different degrees of burned or injured patients..

Ambulance Services

The management of Ummal Qura Group is pleased to announce the “Ambulance services” for the transportation of the patients from and to any healthcare facilities throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through well equipped ambulance vehicles prepared to transport all kind of patients under the supervision of Medical Staff qualified in provision of critical and life saving care.Contact +966 561988965 or 0555509462

Home Visit Services

Through “Home Medical Services Program” we provide medical services at your doorstep.This program facilitates the patients who need a special care such as Senile or bed-ridden, patients irritated from visiting the healthcare facilities, patients having mobility restrictions, patients need home environment to cover the psychological factors, this program is initiated to cover the above mentioned types of patients with provision of complete care at their respective vicinities.

Modern Clinical Laboratory

The Clinical Laboratory provides good reliable results within acceptable time limit.  We try as much as possible to meet standard of W.H.O.  Clinicians deal with unavoidable uncertainty, arising from a number of sources, every time they make decisions about diagnosis, therapy, or prognosis; Laboratory medicine plays a central role in managing this day-to-day uncertainty.

Ummal Qura certified and specialized medical care centers of excellence; are contributing to the Saudi healthcare services market since more than three decades. Ummal Qura Medical Centers are outfitted with contemporary state of art medical equipment’s that enables us to deliver accurate diagnostic & therapeutic services of quality to all strata, gender, age and nationalities in the Holy City of Makkah. Dedication, honesty, professionalism, targeting the needs and satisfaction of our clients and patients is the cornerstone of our services.

Ummal Qura Polyclinics are committed to provide patient centered and cost-effective Ambulatory health care services of outstanding quality, to all ages, genders and categories of patients whether citizens, residents, pilgrims or visitors of this holy city of Makkah through optimum utilization of the available resources to meet the customers’ needs and achieve their  satisfaction.

  • Deployment & provision of quality culture within the facility among the staff and empowering them to feel proud of being one of this organization’s team.
  • Design & implement benchmark health care comprehensive quality system that is communicated to other private facilities & to become a professional model in the region.
  • Leading the private healthcare facilities concepts in the region from competition to cooperation & integration.
  • Serving our various customers with competence, professionalism, integrity and respect.
  • Delivering our services in an organized, efficient, and cost-effective manner.
  • Recognizing, acknowledging and meeting the ever changing needs of our customers & patients.
  • Providing an environment that supports and promotes education, innovation, growth and ongoing development

To achieve our Goals and Mission, we affirm our values of Integrity, respect, customer and community focus, innovation, teamwork, performance, leadership and quality.

Our Services

We are Pioneers in Private Health Systems in the Region

Our distinguished services are un-parallel to any other provider

Dr. Ali Sher Muhammad / Former Chairman and CEO was the founder and spirit of Ummal Qura Group. He started his practice in Internist in the Holy city of Makkah in early 90s.

In 1995, Ummal Qura Hospital at Rusaifah district was launched by Chairman and founder of Ummal Qura Group after days and nights of sacrifice and effort. It has been done in a few years these outstanding achievements which we see the faith and persistence and difficulties endured by this great man. This hospital witnessed experiencing a giant leaps in various fields in healthcare of citizens, residents, visitors and pilgrims.

Hospital was located or public villages in Abdullah Arif Street district of the pavement in front of the child garden next to the Ministry of Hajj in the Holy Capital since its inception on 03/02/1413 AH was its strategic location to serve the people, residents and visitors to this Immaculate town of pilgrims where it is located a short walk convergence four kilometers of the Haram al-Sharif

The management of the Ummal Qura hospital, medical staff and specialist are well qualified in health facilities management as the Chairman of the Board Consultant Internal Medicine diseases. General Manager is Specialist in General Surgery and Director of Administration and Human Resources and Chief Executive Officer and Director of Medical Services, all doctors specialize in the management of hospitals and people with extensive experience, includes technical management integrated medical team of academics, consultants and specialists in all medical specialties and its subsidiaries.

The hospital administration has been keen to invite some professors, consultants and academics visitors from European, American and Arab countries between now and then for hosting in varying lengths to take advantage of their expertise and competencies international art and experiences in the detection, diagnosis, treatment and put it in the citizens and visitors.

Hospital faced demolition in consequences of “Haramain Railway” Project on the same site of which the hospital was located. Ummal Qura Group is on the way to establish another modern hospital for healthcare needs of the citizens and visitors of the Holy land.

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