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We are Pioneers in Private Health Systems in the Region


Dr. Ali Sher Muhammad / Former Chairman and CEO was the founder and spirit of Ummal Qura Group. He started his practice in Internist in the Holy city of Makkah in early 90s.

In 1995, Ummal Qura Hospital at Rusaifah district was launched by Chairman and founder of Ummal Qura Group after days and nights of sacrifice and effort. It has been done in a few years these outstanding achievements which we see the faith and persistence and difficulties endured by this great man. This hospital witnessed experiencing a giant leaps in various fields in healthcare of citizens, residents, visitors and pilgrims.

Hospital was located or public villages in Abdullah Arif Street district of the pavement in front of the child garden next to the Ministry of Hajj in the Holy Capital since its inception on 03/02/1413 AH was its strategic location to serve the people, residents and visitors to this Immaculate town of pilgrims where it is located a short walk convergence four kilometers of the Haram al-Sharif

The management of the Ummal Qura hospital, medical staff and specialist are well qualified in health facilities management as the Chairman of the Board Consultant Internal Medicine diseases. General Manager is Specialist in General Surgery and Director of Administration and Human Resources and Chief Executive Officer and Director of Medical Services, all doctors specialize in the management of hospitals and people with extensive experience, includes technical management integrated medical team of academics, consultants and specialists in all medical specialties and its subsidiaries.

The hospital administration has been keen to invite some professors, consultants and academics visitors from European, American and Arab countries between now and then for hosting in varying lengths to take advantage of their expertise and competencies international art and experiences in the detection, diagnosis, treatment and put it in the citizens and visitors.

Hospital faced demolition in consequences of “Haramain Railway” Project on the same site of which the hospital was located. Ummal Qura Group is on the way to establish another modern hospital for healthcare needs of the citizens and visitors of the Holy land.